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英超联赛下注平台 In 2017 the global semiconductor market will maintain 3%~5% growth, the semiconductor industry will present six major trends.

A price rise trend ASSP and inventory optimization to help the global semiconductor market growth

Memory and application specific standard products (ASSP) as an important part of the global semiconductor market in 2016, the market size of $79 billion 100 million and $87 billion, respectively, 23.3% and 25.6% of the global semiconductor market, two kinds of products will become the main power for the future growth of the semiconductor market. The memory in 2015 prices fell, this is due to the personal computer market downturn led to excessive inventory.

With the inventory digestion, memory prices to half a year 2016 increased gradually, the market gradually increased, in 2017 is expected to have 10%~15% memory market growth. But on the other hand, with the new capacity of domestic suppliers and existing suppliers, may lead to a new round of recession around 2019. ASSP is another important driving factors, especially with the Internet and automotive electronics Substantial growth in the size of the market, the demand of ASSP application products gradually, expected growth trend will continue until around 2020 ASSP. The memory and the growth potential of ASSP gives us confidence in the semiconductor market in 2017, we predicted in 2017 the global semiconductor market growth of 3%~5%, and that the semiconductor industry will maintain long-term stable growth trend.

Two trends and adjustment of industrial policy for semiconductor technology output and cooperation bring uncertain effects

The United States, Trump became president of the policy measures will affect the development of Global trade and manufacturing industry. Now, by increasing the domestic enterprises reduce taxes and regulatory burden to promote investment and employment will be the Trump administration as an important measure to promote the return of manufacturing plans to take the United States as high-end manufacturing and semiconductor industry leading affected by this may reduce foreign investment and build factories, thus affecting the adjustment and transfer of the global semiconductor industry. On the other hand, the Trump administration's foreign trade conservative attitude, may adopt trade protection measures to our country, restrictions on imports of semiconductor products and increase of China's semiconductor investment review efforts to further restrict the export of technology. In Europe, the UK, France, Germany and other high technology leading countries due to regime change, policy, economy uncertainty. Will directly affect the output and the EU cooperation in the field of high technology, and the impact of the global semiconductor trade pattern. In addition, the United States released "continued to consolidate the U.S. semiconductor industry leadership" impact on the future of semiconductor policy report, will directly or indirectly affect the development trend of China's semiconductor industry, it is worth close attention.

The trend of three industry mergers and acquisitions continue to focus on strategic integration and new areas to start the layout 

On the one hand, leading enterprises to reduce costs and achieve economies of scale, will continue to carry out the strategic integration to international mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, as the industry entered the era of post Moore, enterprises to speed up the layout of the emerging markets, competition pattern segments to accelerate the remodeling, the field around the Internet, automotive electronics, data center, artificial intelligence has become increasingly active in mergers and acquisitions.

On 2017 the global industry trend of mergers and acquisitions, one is from the amount of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of semiconductor still showing a large scale, the transaction amount, combining the characteristics of high. In 2016 a new high amount of global mergers and acquisitions, industry mergers and acquisitions in the number and amount of growth, including transaction amount to billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions. Qualcomm $47 billion acquisition of NXP semiconductor, become the largest in the history of mergers and acquisitions. Under the impetus of the capital, is expected to semiconductor segments of the leading and backbone enterprises will continue to be acquisition and integration, such as memory, OEM and GPU segments will become hot integration. The two is from the field of mergers and acquisitions, will focus on the emerging field of semiconductor and subdivision to mergers and acquisitions. Automotive electronics, communications chip, heterogeneous computing, artificial intelligence and other areas are in the shuffle stage, the merger transaction amount in 2016 around the automotive electronics, networking and other areas more than $100 billion, more than 30 the number of mergers and acquisitions to become hot. Qualcomm acquired NXP frontier combined layout networking, automatic driving and 5G; acquisition of Softbank Corp ARM field layout of things; the acquisition of Samsung electronics automotive parts supplier Harman company to enter the automotive electronics industry. In order to achieve the strategic layout in frontier areas, is expected in 2017 emerging applications of mergers and acquisitions still maintain a high heat.

The trend of four Chinese semiconductor market will continue to maintain high growth 

In the country "to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry to promote the integrated circuit industry outline" and national investment fund, China semiconductor market has become the engine of global growth, 2016 sales of more than 430 billion yuan, the growth rate reached 19%. In the design, manufacturing and packaging, simultaneously coordinated development pattern, is expected in 2017 the domestic semiconductor industry growth of 18%~25% range.

In recent years with the Chinese international merger led out to $13 billion, has caused the United States and other western countries attach importance to China advantage, mergers and acquisitions to take more stringent review. Face more severe challenges, how to integrate existing resources, domestic enterprises will become the focus of work in 2017.

The trend of the five domestic advanced technology projects will enter the construction phase

According to the international semiconductor equipment and Materials Industry Association (SEMI) released the report, is expected to Fab will be put into operation in 2017 ~2020 year is about 62 seats, including 26 seats arranged on China, accounting for 42% of the total global. The Chinese built in fab in 2017 is expected to have 6 production line. In this capacity, is not only a substantial increase in the number of manufacturing production lines, is more advanced technology. Can be expected in the current round of investment, the future will be in China, manufacturers of advanced technology, more fierce competition with international companies. In addition, in the area of memory, the current domestic strategic pattern is being formed in Wuhan, Fujian, the new core Jinhua Hefei Changxin as the representative of the industrial layout has a situation of tripartite confrontation, initially completed in 2016 2017, with the continuous advance of three major projects, is expected to be at the technical level and production line construction level will be a breakthrough.

The trend of six overseas and domestic cooperation integration has become the new norm

With the rapid development of comprehensive national strength and the semiconductor industry, China began a new round of upsurge in the development of semiconductor demand driven, China capital invested in overseas mergers and acquisitions, has caused the United States and Europe in countries like Japan and South Korea alert. American science and Technology Advisory Committee recently released a report pointed out that the rise of China semiconductor industry has been a threat to the United States, and will strengthen the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee of Chinese acquisition review. Germany and other EU countries to strengthen foreign investment review, especially the Chinese enterprises mergers and acquisitions in europe. The South Korean government support of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix Semiconductor leader, to build the total size of 200 billion won to fund, in response to the rise of China storage industry. Intensification of the global semiconductor industry around the capital, technology, talent, market competition.

In the face of international politics and the acquisition environment is becoming increasingly complex, on the one hand, overseas mergers and acquisitions slowed in 2017 is expected to increase the difficulty of domestic capital, mergers and acquisitions. In 2016 the total amount of domestic M & a year-on-year decline, not on the whole company mergers and acquisitions, is the company's product line or part of foreign equity mergers and acquisitions, case review blocked to 7. With the aggravation of global industrial integration and competition, gradually reduce the choice of the subject of mergers and acquisitions, domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions continue to increase the difficulty of capital. On the other hand, the local IC investment continued to rise, domestic companies and international cooperation in various forms. With the establishment of national fund operation and policy implementation of the various local government enthusiasm, more nearly two years after the establishment of the local IC fund. 2017 is expected to place on the integrated circuit industry investment heat will continue, the country to speed up investment on production line project, industrial park and other public service platform, and give the relevant policy support. Affected by the international situation constraints, industrial capital will turn to mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, and enterprises to build platform of upstream and downstream industry ecology. At the same time by overseas mergers and acquisitions to multiple forms of cooperation, such as international enterprises and domestic enterprises to set up a joint venture company, looking for high quality product line after the integration of the international spillover giant acquisitions etc..

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