3C electric explosion of data line into account

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英超联赛下注平台 www.spthehandyman.com Some problems sometimes, just do not know why......

With the Tmall power seller, why people are selling well!!!

Than the team? More than diligence? More than money? ......

I have what difference,

A perfect team configuration, diligent professional, the boss is also strongly supported...

But, the result....


Use Baidu Search silently, nearly 1 million search results without a useful,

What traffic is not enough, click on the fierce enough, art sucks, promotion of garbage, no operation...

Minute team infighting provoked...

In fact, there is one and only one:

You are not only selling point, solve the user pain points !

Think about it, is not what it is?

Every day we looking for selling products, seldom consider user pain points!

How to solve?

The data line industry as an example, this is a highly competitive industry, can heaven cat, Jingdong are all very powerful, at least some of the money! The team and other factors are not missing, will be roughly the same, but why some businesses are doing even though many, but the harvest is very little reason in this..!

The product has a gorgeous selling point, but not solve the user pain points, an idea put this product into the explosion, various methods of all kinds of technology investment desperately throwing! Hit! Hit! The egg and ... How to break?

There is a vivid case, and we honor and factory cooperation of customers in Europe, once accidentally chat with us, said the European side home pet, the data line people home and so on are basically is the dog cat ah what to bite broken.

Sounds appear in general or, this is just an ordinary chat, but when we developed the project Zinc alloy spring data line Send samples to the customer when you must guess the results!

To solve the user pain points, you are more popular, your brand your shop will be better!

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