Relay Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a professional development and manufacture of various types of plugs, connectors manufacturers. The products are widely used in all kinds of power line, electric vehicle lines, data transmission, audio and video, computer and so on, the main production: cable car, subway card connecting line, computer network line, VGA line, F antenna, SMA MCX data line, mobile phone charger line, AC, DC, POS power line connecting line the IC card reader, cable, multi function handheld ticket chec....

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Phoenix Road Golden Phoenix Industrial Zone of Dongguan city Fenggang Town Street No. two (Shun Hotel behind)

Tel: 0755-84253843 (Shenzhen)

Address: Longgang District, Pinghu Liang Yasuda 388 Industrial Zone, building, building 14, No. four

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